Dmitrij Balandin – Olympic Champion 2016!

Congrats to Dmitrij Balandin (KAZ) with the 200 m Breaststroke Gold-Victory in RIO 2016! You have made us all very proud! Here are some memories from 2015, when you came to the 4D PRO Headquarters in Lüneburg!

Good luck and all the best on your onward journey!



Balandin doing some shoulder work. Stretch with simultaneous acceleration is the key in this 4D PRO exercise.


Germany 2015 – ‚Shoulder fixed.‘ – Balandin and Dr. Gharavi at the end of his 3 day visit in Lüneburg.


Dmitrij at the 4D PRO Training Center in Lüneburg, Germany, with Dr. Gharavi.