4 in 1Our intensive Instructor and Master Trainer courses will get you ready to use the 4D PRO® sling trainer at your fitness studio, in your personal training classes and physical therapy sessions efficiently and, most importantly, in a fun way.

Target group

Personal and fitness trainers, athletic and club coaches, physical therapists and sports enthusiasts.


After the course you will be completely familiar with the versatility and uniqueness of the 4D PRO® sling trainer as well as a number of exercises. Moreover, you will have basic knowledge to adapt these exercises to different performance levels and to implement them 1:1 in training sessions or small group exercises.



  • The scientific fundamentals of the 4D PRO®
  • Advantages and core elements of the elastic 4D PRO® full body exercise
  • Fascia training with the 4D PRO®
  • Structure and safety


  • Practical applications of and training with the 4D PRO® sling trainer
  • Quick start and basic positions
  • Adapting the 4D PRO® training to different training levels
  • Training progression and regression options with the 4D PRO®
  • Training modes S, A and F in their application
  • Sample workout

Special Requirements



Certified 4D GF Instructor

Credit Points


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