Four Good Reasons for the 4D PRO<sup>®</sup>


Our production facilities manufacture products exclusively for renowned athletic product brands and large corporations. They boast extensive experience and have compliedwith exacting, stringent quality specifications for many years. They are also subjected to ongoing quality inspections and audits.

Our standards that have to be met by the materials used are just as strict. Only supplies that convincingly pass sophisticated endurance and fatigue tests are considered worthy of use in our products. Consequently, our failure quota is below 0.1%. However, if any problem should come up despite all these precautions, we will make sure we find a solution in your favor. After all, absolute customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Developed by a physician who works with professional athletes

Developed by a physician who works with professional athletes
The 4D PRO® sling trainer was developed by a medical doctor, who created a concept integrating all kinds of factors aimed at improving the user’s health.

The elasticity of the 4D PRO® sling trainer fosters gentle, elastic movements aligned with the user’s own body weight. As a result, entire muscle groups are exercised in a dynamically concise manner to meet the demands of the training athlete. The result is training that spares the joints and is also highly effective.
Olympic athletes from around the world are continuing to bring Dr. Dr. Gharavi on board as their professional athletic coach, and they are using 4D PRO® to achieve highly effective and efficient training results. It successfully allows even professional athletes to reach their performance limits in just a short period of time. Hence, they have more time to be in the arena or to practice techniques.


In just a few steps, the elastic, variable 4D PRO® sling trainer can be converted into 3 additional versatile training tools:

  1. Hanging horizontally, it works as a resistance expander for classic resilience training or as
  2. An elastic and highly effective rope.
  3. If you simply unhook the elastic lambdas in the vertical hanging position, you also have a high quality conventional, non-elastic sligh trainer.


We are absolutely convinced that our 4D PRO® sling trainer meets supreme quality standards. This is also evident in our current return rate, which is below 1%.

However, if you should ever encounter any kind of issue, please contact us – even if the 6-month warranty period for the lambda belts has already expired.
We will always work hard to come up with a solution that will please you since total customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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