Fitness trend slingtrainer: how studios and gyms successfully retain members thanks to the 4D PRO® sling trainer

One of the key objectives of every fitness studio, besides bringing new members on board, is retaining their existing member base. Exposure to experience-based training is very helpful. The 4D PRO® sling trainer offers this opportunity. To find out why customer retention is so important, just visit the Starbucks store around the corner.
Successful member retention is the factor that differentiates successful fitness studios from less successful ones. The objective is to generate satisfied, loyal customers who like to come into the studio to exercise again and again. Another plus is that they will share their positive experiences with their friends and families.

To generate member loyalty, a studio has to offer its members something special while they are there. An example: You can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but also at McDonald’s. McDonald’s coffee actually came out way ahead of Starbucks according to a blind taste testing. But why then are people willing to pay a lot more for a cup of Starbucks coffee? It’s the overall store experience, the factor of perception during a visit to the store that allows Starbucks to come out ahead.


Many successful companies reap the benefits if they can make their customers believe that they offer a premium experience making their products and services more valuable than those from any other company. The lesson: How is always more important than what.
Premium fixtures, attractive designs or a vast, diverse selection of products may be a basis for good business, but they alone do not guarantee that a studio will be able to retain members effectively. Empathy, authentic congeniality, social intelligence and the creativity of your staff are still far more important than the “hardware” your club has to offer. Positive energy is infectious and transfers from the company’s management to its employees and from there to your customers.

Of course this is also true in reverse: If your customers are enjoying themselves, your staff’s energy will be higher for much longer and that in turn will lift your spirits if you’re the managing director.


So, this gets us back to the sling trainer and specifically our 4D PRO®: Anyone who has ever experienced it live will confirm that it combines effective training with incredible fun. This fun aspect is exactly what your customers are looking for at your studio when they arrive after a long hard day at work.
What makes the sling training so fascinating is the experience of being carried elastically and the fact that you literally feel the dynamic acceleration. The joy of experimenting and trying things intuitively is one of the most important elements of the 4D PRO®. Just like that big grin customers will have on their faces for a long time after trying. Hence, the 4D PRO® delivers an infectious training experience and it does so on every fitness level. Tempt your members to try this new fun way of training and don’t be surprised if they get all excited and enthusiastic when they talk about it later.


Regardless of how young or old your target group is or how fit or unfit your members are: the sling trainer 4D PRO® allows you to offer everyone an individual, custom training option. After all, training with the 4D PRO® gives users a full return on their specific investments thanks to the elastic lambda belts: They either provide support in the progression of movement or multiply the intensity of the workout.

In personal training, the 4D PRO® is ideal for the achievement of a wide spectrum of different goals. In small group training, it is possible to use just the 4D PRO® to offer interesting circle training in an open training space. The variability of the 4D PRO® makes this possible since its flexible structure delivers a total of 4 sports tools in one. The elastic sling trainer can be converted into a conventional non-elastic sling trainer in just a few steps. Likewise, it can be turned into a resilience-training machine or into elastic, highly effective and space saving battle ropes. When used for group fitness applications, it makes it possible to create diverse course concepts to be presented in a unique, highly motivating atmosphere, in which participants will attain their fitness goals while having a lot of fun.