How to receive best care after ACL repair

The 4D PRO ReAction Trainer was developed by German sports physician, Dr. Homayun Gharavi MD, PhD PhD, who has been rehabbing injured professional and olympic athletes since 1997, bringing them back sooner and stronger than predicted by his surgeon colleagues around the globe.

“The secret is, that there is no secret.”, says Dr. Gharavi. “We have to respect the intelligence of our body’s software over its hardware. Damaged hardware can easily be repaired, yet the software gets injured during the hardware’s healing phase.”

On how to respect both systems during the healing phase after ACL reconstruction of the knee, Gharavi says, that we have to match up the neuromuscular intelligence by creating smart rehab programs, which do not interfere with the graft, yet keep up motion and moving.

“We are not trying to get the athlete back sooner, but rather on a higher movement quality level. Just by listening to the body, we are able to advance our rehab programs to the extend, that allow us to put the crutches away as soon as 12 days post-OP.


ACL 21 is one example video of a female non-athlete, who underwent the 4D PRO Prehab protocol by Dr. Gharavi MD PhD PhD.

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Therapeutic exercise or physiotherapy?

Actually, it’s a shame that nowadays we use the term physiotherapy with increasing frequency in place of the term “therapeutic exercise” and literally taking its place. After all, there are certainly quite a few differences between the two disciplines.Therapeutic exercise takes a more “athletic” approach to the diseased organism, while physiotherapy is derived from the words “physiology” (i.e. the study of nature) or “physiological” (often falsely used as the opposite of pathological) and “therapy”.

“Physical therapy” perhaps comes closer to the true meaning, while the term “physical medicine” is even more remote and implies the use of technology.

No matter which of the terms you prefer personally, the 4D PRO® sling trainer can be used for both applications and, thanks to its immense variability, covers a vast spectrum of therapeutic and training efforts, which help, for instance with many of modern ailments.


Let’s look at the example of a tibia fracture, which should be repaired quickly since it is a classic “hardware problem” so that the “software” can be kept on a healthful track immediately after surgery.

In the overall progression of the recovery process, the actual “repair” takes up a very short period of time. The rehabilitation phase, on the other hand, […]