Fitness trend slingtrainer: how studios and gyms successfully retain members thanks to the 4D PRO® sling trainer

One of the key objectives of every fitness studio, besides bringing new members on board, is retaining their existing member base. Exposure to experience-based training is very helpful. The 4D PRO® sling trainer offers this opportunity. To find out why customer retention is so important, just visit the Starbucks store around the corner.
Successful member retention is the factor that differentiates successful fitness studios from less successful ones. The objective is to generate satisfied, loyal customers who like to come into the studio to exercise again and again. Another plus is that they will share their positive experiences with their friends and families.

To generate member loyalty, a studio has to offer its members something special while they are there. An example: You can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but also at McDonald’s. McDonald’s coffee actually came out way ahead of Starbucks according to a blind taste testing. But why then are people willing to pay a lot more for a cup of Starbucks coffee? It’s the overall store experience, the factor of perception during a visit to the store that allows Starbucks to come out ahead.


Many successful companies reap the benefits […]

Therapeutic exercise or physiotherapy?

Actually, it’s a shame that nowadays we use the term physiotherapy with increasing frequency in place of the term “therapeutic exercise” and literally taking its place. After all, there are certainly quite a few differences between the two disciplines.Therapeutic exercise takes a more “athletic” approach to the diseased organism, while physiotherapy is derived from the words “physiology” (i.e. the study of nature) or “physiological” (often falsely used as the opposite of pathological) and “therapy”.

“Physical therapy” perhaps comes closer to the true meaning, while the term “physical medicine” is even more remote and implies the use of technology.

No matter which of the terms you prefer personally, the 4D PRO® sling trainer can be used for both applications and, thanks to its immense variability, covers a vast spectrum of therapeutic and training efforts, which help, for instance with many of modern ailments.


Let’s look at the example of a tibia fracture, which should be repaired quickly since it is a classic “hardware problem” so that the “software” can be kept on a healthful track immediately after surgery.

In the overall progression of the recovery process, the actual “repair” takes up a very short period of time. The rehabilitation phase, on the other hand, […]